Sonic play mini games


Web. Ah, the joy of playing some old school arcade games. There aren't many people out there who can remember the days when the best part of any schoolkid's life was to take a ride on your bike down to the local arcade and spend your week's earnings on a bunch of tokens. Getting in there and getting your hands dirty playing on those 16-bit machines was the happiest feeling in the world, as. Web.





Sonic Spinball. Dr. Robotnik, the evil inventor, is once more up to his old pranks. He went and constructed a new stronghold this time on top of a volcano (because of course he did). Every boss will present a different challenge. If you are having problems with the game, look for on-screen help.


The main list includes 53 games by itself, with 41 of them being SEGA Genesis "cartridge" games (such as Streets of Rage 3 and Virtua Racing) and the remaining 12 being SEGA CD titles (such as.